Diving and Snorkeling

Scuba Diving

Mayaguana has beautyful coral reefs that will make any dive a true experience. With the reefs and drop offs close to shore you don't need to travel by boat for more then a few minutes to get to the most beautyful diving spots. The Baycaner Beach Resort can help you out with tanks and weights but you do need to bring your own scuba gear.


Regardless of seasons "summer , fall or winter", Mayaguana offers an amazing snorkeling experience for both adults and children alike. Mayaguana’s Northwest Point and Pirate’s Well beaches tempt snorkelers with its plentiful corals, starfish and sand dollars waiting to be viewed close to the beach. These make this Bahamas island an amazing snorkeling destination even for young ones or inexperienced swimmers. In addition, a boat or canoe tour to the island’s northern beach offers a glimpse of Curtis Creek, the island’s natural aquarium and habitat for fish and green turtles.