Fishing on Mayaguana

Mayaguana is not your average fishing destination. No guides, no skiffs! But more important, very few (if any) fishermen!
Baycaner Beach Resort is the only resort on the island and will accommodate no more than 10 fishermen a week. The available flats and reefs offer more than enough space to fish on your own or with a partner and not see anyone else untill dinner back in the resort.
WEEVZ and Baycaner Beach Resort can offer you a true DIY (do It Yourself) trip to the unspoiled island of the Bahama's, Mayaguana.

Fly fishing Mayaguana

Fly Fishing on Mayaguana

If you are a fly fisherman Mayaguana is the right island for you!
Fly fishing is a perfect way to get a chance to catch Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon and lots of other fish swimming around on the beautifull flats of Mayaguana.
Baycaner Beach Resort and WEEVZ started a collaboration to help fly fisnermen get the real unspoiled Bahamas experience.
Baycaner Beach Resort brings the ultimate DIY (Do It Yourself) possibility and WEEVZ brings in the experience needed to make your trip to Mayaguana a huge succes.


Bonefish are famous for the speed and strength they display once you manage to hook one. Bonefishing is fishing on sight. You spot a fish or a school of fish and cast your fly to them. If you do it right the result will be a deeply bended rod, a screaming reel and a fly line pointing somewhere at the horizon.
The bonefish on Mayaguana are BIG. The chance of catching a fish close to 10 pounds is no exeption. Nothing short of spectacular!.
Once you experience this sensation you too will be HOOKED.

Bonefish with fly
Permit on the fly

Permit on the fly

The Permit is at the top of the bucket list of many fly fishermen. A fish that can be hard to catch. It is defenately possible but you will have to work for it!
On the flats of Mayaguana you have a good chance to find Permit. The run that a permit will make once it finds out it is hooked is unlike any other.
The coral reef at the edge of most flats is the place to look for permit.


Another trophy fish for most fly fishermen. The Tarpon. They can grow up to 200 pounds and will give you the fight of a lifetime.
Although Mayaguana might not be the island where Tarpon can be found on every flat, you have a good chance on finding Tarpon on a daily basis.
Due to years of fishing experience on Mayaguana the WEEvz guides know where and when you have the best chance of finding and catching one of these hard fighting giants.

Tarpon fishing
Spin fishing

Spin Fishing

A lot of the reefs around Mayaguana are accessible by wading or even walking without having to get your feet wet.
This makes fishing with lures a really fun way of catching big baracudas, sharks, Jacks and all kinds of other predators.
So go out and catch your own dinner!

Big Game Fiahing

All that’s needed is a boat and basic fishing equipment and you could catch the biggest fish in your life. In the Bahamas, especially Mayaguana some of the biggest and most exotic fish inhabit our emerald green and turquoise sea. Just be prepared to catch fish that exceeds 5ft.

Sport fishing
Spear Fishing

Spear Fishing

If traditional fishing or fly fishing is not your thing maybe spear fishing is something you would like to try. Spear fishing combines both diving and hunting skilld. Its an experience that you will never forget.